If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door!

I am passionate about digital technology and communication. l enjoy
being able to engage with an audience, grow a brand and track the
progress of my success.


Why Choose Me?

I’m a successful entrepreneur and marketing professional, who has been at the core of the formation, sale and acquisition of a portfolio of international businesses.

With over 2 decades in the industry, l specialise in the digital arena, implementing strategic initiatives across technology streams in order to drive business success. I am also experienced in digital marketing automation and recognising untapped sources of commercial growth in order to take a larger, more profitable slice of the relevant market.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Strategy / Positioning
  • Email Marketing & Funnels
  • Technology Optimisation
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Website Design & Development
  • SaaS, Integration & Automation
  • SEO & Analytics
Luke Humble Profile
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Paleo ice cream in a cone. 😍 I can’t remember the last time l ate ice cream in a cone and it’s glorious!!! Blackforest ice cream from @coyo_organic with home made paleo waffle cones using the recipe from #MyPaleoPatisserie by @theurbanposer
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I designed a burger and it made it onto their specials menu this week!!! 🥳
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Oh, decisions decisions! 😉 Why do you make so many delicious 🥥 ice cream flavours @coyo_is_coconuts?!
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The life of a contractor... coffee, laptop and music. There is an incredible sense of freedom with contracting. You get to choose which clients you work with, the projects that inspire you and the outcomes that motivate you.
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At 16:03 on Thursday the 23rd August 2018 Jacqui and I celebrated the birth of our second child, Indi Jade Humble. I am in complete awe and admiration of how my incredible wife handled not only the 9 months leading up to the birth, but the whole natural birth as well. It never ceases to amaze me what the human body can do, and certainly childbirth is up there in the incredible things it can achieve. Grateful seems such a menial word in comparison to how l feel, but it is all l can find to help me describe how l feel holding my baby daughter in my arms. Indi has been born into a loving family with a big sister that is excited to teach her everything she has learnt in her life, including hula hooping and eating ice cream! And once again, thank you Jacqui for all you have done and continue to do. You are an amazing woman and l will ensure that you are surrounded by love and support. ❤️😍🙏🏻🤗😀
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My lunch today courtesy of the talented @tamaaraalauren 👍🏻