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I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur and digital marketing professional

l specialise in the digital arena, implementing strategic initiatives across technology streams in order to drive business success. I am also experienced in digital marketing automation and recognising untapped sources of commercial growth in order to take a larger, more profitable slice of the relevant market.

Woah… what does that mean?

Well, basically l grow businesses like yours using technology and digital marketing as my tools. To make it even more interesting, l look for opportunities for growth that doesn’t always sit in my areas of specialism but l do connect you with businesses and individuals that can assist, l’m nice like that!

I’m originally from the south of the UK, a lovely placed called Wimborne in Dorset. It was here that l built computers for people and fell in love with the internet. Our house was one of the first to receive the internet (if you could call it that back then), in the local area. I still remember the tone sounds of my dial-up modem while l was waiting to connect to the glorious internet and start “surfing”. This became a passion that formed my first business, a website development company, when I was just 15 years old.

Fast-forward a few years, l’ve launched, founded and co-founded 7 businesses across two continents in the last two decades. They have all been in different markets with very different target audiences. Using my strategic and analytically mind allowed me to launch and grow these businesses to the point of successfully exiting.

More importantly, l’ve found my new home in Australia that is filled with love, laughter and a lot of giggles thanks to my 2 beautiful little girls and my amazing wife. Out of everything that l’ve achieved in my life to date, having this awesome little Humble family is certainly my greatest!

I’m a glass-half full, lego loving, honest kind of guy. I love building and growing businesses.

So now you know a little about me, but if you want to check out my professional background in a little more detail then best visit my LinkedIn profile.



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