6 Morning Routine Tips for Successful Entrepreneurs

Six Morning Routine Tips for Successful Entrepreneurs

Are you tempted to hit snooze when the alarm clock goes off in the morning? The best entrepreneur advice suggests you shouldn’t just roll over and take an extra ten minutes. As an entrepreneur
, the morning can be your most productive and creative time. Your morning sets the tone for the whole day. So if you want to increase your productivity, the best advice is to focus on your mornings. Here are six things that entrepreneurs do as part of their morning routine to enhance productivity.


1. Rise Early
As an entrepreneur, the best advice is to become a morning person. Going to bed at a reasonable time so you can wake up fresh in the morning enhances your productivity. If you wake up later, there will be many issues clamoring for your attention. Waking up early buys you time to set up your day for success. Becoming a morning person means that your day is lived on your terms, and not on those of people or issues that need attention.


2. Have a Healthy Breakfast
We all know that breakfast is important – it gives you that initial boost of energy to get going. However, you want to be careful about what you eat for breakfast. Lots of carbs may not be the best choice. If you are prepared with the ingredients, you can make great, nutritious juice smoothies to start your day right. The best juice smoothies are packed with nutritious superfoods that power your mind and body for the entire day.


3. Get Some Exercise
It doesn’t matter whether you exercise for 10 minutes or two hours, most successful entrepreneurs get some kind of exercise in the morning. You need to take care of your body because you don’t want lose your health on the road to being a successful entrepreneur. Take care of your body and it will serve you well for a long time to come.


4. Avoid Communication
This one is really hard! The best entrepreneur advice suggests that you turn off your phone and the Internet for some set period of time in the morning. Some entrepreneurs wait until after lunch to check emails and phone messages; others maintain radio silence for a shorter period of time. The point is that checking email, phone messages, Facebook, Twitter and other modes of electronic communication exposes you to the day’s problems. You want to preserve some time to be focused, productive and creative.


5. Set Goals
Opening up your mornings allows you to take some time to think about what you want to accomplish for the day. By doing this, you are safeguarding time to get to projects that are really important – projects that will take your business and your life to the next level. If you do not make time for them, you will spend your day putting out fires rather than building your empire. Choose a limited list of really important things you want to accomplish, and make a clear plan for how you are going to achieve those things that day. Don’t let anything get in the way of making these things happen.


6. Keep a Journal
Most successful entrepreneurs keep a journal. The morning is the ideal time to write in your journal: your mind is fresh from sleep, and if you are blocking communications there will be no distractions. You can take this time to let your creativity soar without limits. You will find that your best ideas will flow more easily during this time. Your journal will become a valuable source of ideas that drive future progress towards your goals.


Setting up a successful morning routine takes some discipline, but the rewards are enhanced productivity and focus throughout the entire day. Following this entrepreneur advice may mean re-orienting your day to free up your morning. It will not happen overnight. You are going to have to really focus on developing these habits, but in the end it will help you to make your life what you want it to be.

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